Students Club

The soul of  CAM  life is the fraternities on the campus – the clubs that become a surrogate family for a student, helping him/her grow and explore latent talents in fields other than academics.CAM  has a strong tradition of student bodies and clubs that attract students from all disciplines, cutting across colleges, courses, and nationalities

Udyamita :

(The Agripreneur Club )

An Agripreneur Club most commonly (but not exclusively) consists of   students who meet to discuss entrepreneurship topics. Subjects covered can include how to run a successful startup, how to hire the best employees, and other current issues encountered by budding entrepreneurs. This is  a Club where the potential ideas of the   students are discussed elaborately, nurtured and taken forward to  “RTP” carry forward those ideas from the ideation to further step.


  • Organize conclave/workshop/debates on entrepreneurship / startup
  • Organize Buyer –seller/ meet ,
  • Conducting Corporate interaction .(Corporate Talks:“Chai Pe Charcha”)
  • Familiarize the youth to the latest development in business.
  • Interactive sessions with successful entrepreneurs.
  • Provide exposure to national and international events in various parts of the country related to industrial developments.


Corporate Talks Series: Chai pe Charcha

While experience is the best teacher, we believe that someone else’s experience is a far better teacher.  Many people have been down the route you are travelling or plan to travel on.  They have encountered and overcome many of the same obstacles you may be facing or might face.


It is with this objective the Club  has been organizing corporate talk sessions for the managers-to-be over the past few years. These sessions   provide an opportunity for students to learn from the experience of current industry stalwarts and accelerate their own progress.  The students, especially the first year, participate  with enthusiasm to learn valuable lessons straight from the leaders themselves.


Prakritim :

(The Nature lovers Club)


The CAM works towards making the   campus an eco-friendly place.  The Nature Club aims at inculcating an appreciation of nature among students and encouraging them to participate in a variety of conservation initiatives. Its efforts include inviting leading environmentalists to the school to talk to students and sensitize them to the opportunities and challenges in addressing environmental issues, organizing an annual tree-planting day, and participating in important nature-oriented programmes. Students also work on recycling waste and reduction of consumption on campus by recycling paper ..


The students have set up a ‘Vermiculture Pit’ for vermin composting. Now the bio degradable material will be used to feed the pit. The manure thus produced will be used in the garden.



  • To sensitize, create awareness, and motivate   students about green campus
  • Plantation, Power point presentations on Ecosystem
  • Conducting Field Trip activities
  • Conducting Exhibitions on Environment
  • Environmental Cleanliness
  • Conducting slogan competitions, Poster making competitions
  • Environment Education Camps
  • Publications

Daksha :

(The Confidence Club)


 The Club  organises and supports programs/practices that deals with developing good soft skills essential for professional growth. With the rapid advancements in technology, the market has become highly competitive making soft skills an integral section for absorption into the corporate world.


  • The club organises varied events like Group Discussion, Mock Interview, Creative Writing, Debate, Industrial PPT and Aptitude/Guesstimates/Puzzles for the students.
  • It Organises Pre-Placement Talks for developing awareness regarding the recruitment process and preparation source/strategy.
  • Workshops on CV Writing, Group Discussion, Personal Interview, Stress Management, Time Management are organised to enhance the efficiency of the students.
  • The members of the Soft Skills Club work sincerely towards achieving the goal of a good Employability Index of the students by up scaling their soft skills.

Speaking skills enhancement:

  1. Group discussion
  2. Interviewing Skills
  3. Case study Presentation
  4. Extempore (on the spot speaking )

Saanskritika :

(The Literary & Cultural Club)


This aims to sharpen and enhance the knowledge of the students and provide opportunities to improve their outlook towards life  After all as the saying goes “A person without the knowledge of culture is a tree without roots”. It is   made for   people who love literature, and want to share their experiences, readings and thoughts with others who have the same interest and talent .


  • Generation of electronic newsletter on a quarterly basis to update the students on management news in all functional areas.
  • Reviews of books that may invoke interest among other students as well as recommend good books to be procured by the   library.
  • Creation of written materials in various forms such as short stories, serial stories, poetry, essays, articles, etc which could be used for  display boards etc like “QUOTE OF THE WEEK” ,POEM OF THE WEEK , etc on display boards.
  • Writing Current news daily basis on display board.
  • Also competitions like extempore, debates , case study presentation etc can be conducted .
  • Organizing annual day , welcome , farewell , puja

Creative and Analytical skill enhancement:

  1. Picture interpretation
  2. Article Review
  3. Book Review
  4. Research paper review
  5. Book Comparison
  6. Case study discussion

Alumni Talk – Under   “alumni talk” session