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Agri-business Living Lab

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The process of learning should not be confined to the four walls of a classroom. Students learn more effectively by seeing and doing the things. This is the time to initiate for bridging the gap between the rote learning of classrooms and the real life skills.

Living Lab - Experiential learning & Sustainability

Centre for Agri-Management has been established an “Agribusiness Living Lab”  , it is an experimental platform in the University  campus for live projects, where our students and teachers apply their learning/ ideas for innovation and knowledge generation. The good old saying “Seeing is Believing” is put to practice. Living Lab focus on Agribusiness and transform them into successful business models.

The Living Lab guides  students ,aspiring agri- entrepreneurs , SHG members , farmers to develop profitable agribusiness enterprises involving  Nursery , Mushroom cultivation , Duck-Fish integrated farming ,Natural farming , vermin compost , bio compost ,bee keeping , protective farming , urban farming and etc.

Technologies partner: The Bhaba Atomic Research Centre (BARC) Mumbai, recently, signed an MoU as a technology partner for technical knowledge dissemination through value based education and innovative technologies in the area of water, land, agriculture, food processing and urban-rural waste management. The Paradeep Phosphates Limited is the technical collaborator for production of Vermicompost

Outcomes of Living Lab for Sustainable campus

  • An improved environmental impact on campus
  • Involvement with the local community, other institutions and organizations
  • A method of integrating sustainability into the curriculum
  • The capacity to nurture and support natural values.

Earn while learn

The concept of “Earn while Learn ” ; The Products produced through campus living lab. will be marketed among local community , parents , teachers & Staff . The profit earned from the sale , given to the students.