Saanskritika :

(The Literary & Cultural Club)

This aims to sharpen and enhance the knowledge of the students and provide opportunities to improve their outlook towards life  After all as the saying goes “A person without the knowledge of culture is a tree without roots”. It is   made for   people who love literature, and want to share their experiences, readings and thoughts with others who have the same interest and talent .


  • Generation of electronic newsletter on a quarterly basis to update the students on management news in all functional areas.
  • Reviews of books that may invoke interest among other students as well as recommend good books to be procured by the   library.
  • Creation of written materials in various forms such as short stories, serial stories, poetry, essays, articles, etc which could be used for  display boards etc like “QUOTE OF THE WEEK” ,POEM OF THE WEEK , etc on display boards.
  • Writing Current news daily basis on display board.
  • Also competitions like extempore, debates , case study presentation etc can be conducted .
  • Organizing annual day , welcome , farewell , puja

Creative and Analytical skill enhancement:

  1. Picture interpretation
  2. Article Review
  3. Book Review
  4. Research paper review
  5. Book Comparison
  6. Case study discussion