Rural Visits


Rural Immersion module :

The four-week long Village visit programme conducted at end of the first semester .  It exposes the students to the realities of the lives of the farmers. The Students have to stay with farmer’s family.  The students are divided into small groups  and each group is attached to a local host organisation . The students interact directly with the village farmers as well as execute a small action-oriented task entrusted by the host organisation.  This Programme provides the students an opportunity to understand the potential areas for development in agriculture as well as the constraints faced by the farmers. The students are also expected to participate in collaborative research work with faculty members in identifying issues, challenges and strategies for the management of FPOs and other livelihood models.

At the end of the  progmme , a report is prepared and submitted on village visit segment . It evaluated on the basis of their presentations and discussions in the seminars, reports submitted, feedback from the host organisations, feedback from the faculty guides and, where necessary, individual interviews. This programme has supported by Care India , Reliance Foundation  , Paradeep Phosphates Ltd, AMUL & SAMB,Govt.of Odisha