MBA(Agribusiness) Management

Agribusiness management is the application of business skills in areas such as marketing, finance, economics and management to the agricultural industry. It includes farm planning, weather forecasting, research, soil management, seed production, machinery, plant protection, crop nutrient management, harvesting, marketing of produce, storage, supply chain operations, financing, food processing, retailing and much more. All the activities ranging from farm planning to getting the food to the table are a part of Agribusiness.

Scope & Opportunity:

Career in Agribusiness can seek into a multitude of industries as well, including farming,  retail marketing, Development sectors, Micro finance , Banking , Commodity trading , warehousing , food processing, food production and farming industry. Agribusiness is an important field because agriculture-related industry, from farming and livestock to food production and human nutrition, encompasses a significant portion of careers worldwide.