At Centre for Agri-Management, Students are trained to be goal-oriented striving in their quest of knowledge .

The range of teaching and learning methods used at Centre for Agri-Management (CAM) includes lectures, case studies , Living Lab , Rural immersion module and presentations on strategic and contemporary issues, simulations through quizzes, assignments, contests, competitions and practical projects. A strong emphasis is laid on the use of technology in learning. Further enrichment is provided by way of guest lectures, workshops and seminars, wherein an intelligent awareness on current corporate issues and challenges is generated.

The faculty acts and works in close association with the students to help them gain a better understanding of current economic and non-economic issues and studies. Students are taught to comprehend live corporate situations while also grasping a more realistic approach to decision making.

The pedagogy lays emphasis on increasing the human skills through clear conceptual understanding of subjects, with complete exposure to industrial practices. The approach includes the following steps:

Industry Aligned:

In furtherance of the principle of industry aligned growth, Centre for Agri-Management (CAM) also includes guest lecturers from industry experts as well as live projects as part of the course curriculum. This ensures a continuous industry interaction process that aims to provide students with an insight into current global trends and future business opportunities

Team Work:

Team work is a major module of our Programme. The teams are formed in a manner such that students get to work with people from different educational, professional and cultural backgrounds. Input from alumni has confirmed that the greater part of one’s learning at the Institute happens in group activities that range from preparing for case presentations to working on live field projects.

Experiential Learning

Living Lab as a pedagogical teaching tool for Agribusiness Management Programme , the Centre for Agri-Management encourages sustainability-related learning and research both on and off campus. We offer many opportunities to study and research sustainability.