5 Benefits of Pursuing MBA in Agribusiness

MBA is one of the most widely pursued career choices in today’s world of academics. However, there are simply too many options in the field to choose from. It often becomes a huge problem for MBA aspirants to pick the right stream in MBA.

There are many streams to choose from if one wants to follow the mainstream. However, if you are someone who wants to pursue a discipline that is unique and can help you to contribute towards a better society, think about choosing agribusiness management. While the fundamentals of an MBA in agribusiness remain the same as any other discipline, the specialization factors make it worthwhile.

Let’s first take a look at what does MBA in agribusiness cover.

What is an MBA in Agribusiness?

An MBA in agribusiness is about taking the basic fundamental concepts of management and implementing them in agriculture. Like all other business sectors, agriculture too can greatly benefit from the principles of management if properly implemented and executed. From weather forecast and soil management to supply chain and distribution – the knowledge of management can be used in every aspect of agriculture.

Eligibility for Agribusiness Management?

Anyone who takes a keen interest in agriculture and all that comes with it can pursue agribusiness management. One has to have an understanding of the climate, ecosystem, market conditions of seeds, fertilizers, tractors, and other products related to agriculture, government policies regarding agriculture in the country, and of course, the art and science of agriculture itself.

If you are someone who fits this bill and takes interest in all these subjects, agribusiness management is certainly a career you can pursue.

Benefits of Studying MBA in Agriculture

Here are the top five benefits of an MBA in the agriculture business to convince you of the discipline’s fruitfulness.

Job Opportunities

As a growing industry, agribusiness still has a lot of chairs to fill, in both the private and public sectors. For a really long time, these positions were being taken up by MBAs from other disciplines. But with a specialization in agribusiness, you will be preferred by recruiters over your peers. There is likely to be quite a few vacancies when it comes to managerial roles in agribusiness.

On top of that, newer companies are coming up with agriculture as their focal point. These companies are looking for young and upcoming talent with fresh minds and unique ideas to employ. With the right job-hunting tactics, you might yourself land a good position in a company with a lucrative package. Alternatively, if you have the knack for it, you can start your own agribusiness and become an entrepreneur.

The Potential for Growth

Most of the agriculture sector in India is unorganized. Commercialization and digitalization of agriculture have only recently taken off, that too in only a few regions of the country. There is a huge potential for anyone starting out in the industry early on. No matter which part of the industry you decide to go for, you could become a highly-positioned manager in a matter of years if you are associated with another company. If you are an entrepreneur and running your own business, you can expect profitable turnover in just 2-3 years.

The Financial Aspect

Because of the dearth of professionals in managerial roles in agribusiness, those who pursue MBA in agriculture get a pay package and benefits significantly higher than their counterparts in other industries. So, if you have a specialization in agriculture management and looking for jobs in the field, there is a chance you will land a job with a good enough salary right from the start. The figures and perks will only get better with time.

Job Satisfaction

Often times employees keep working at a position even after they reach saturation in the said job. After that, it somewhat becomes mechanical without deriving any satisfaction from the job they are doing. Being a new and upcoming industry, you will find it to be an extremely interesting place to work in. The problems are many and the solutions are few in this industry, which gives you the perfect opportunity to explore all the possibilities. After all, why work in a profession that does not challenge you every once in a while, and keeps you on your toes.

An Excellent Cause

In a country that is largely dependant on agriculture, taking up a managerial role in the industry is not only for your own benefit but for society’s as well. A job in the agribusiness sector is satisfying because of the challenges it poses as well as for the cause it represents. You will be helping farmers achieve their optimum potential by aiding their businesses with the latest management principles and technologies and helping them get a fair price for their efforts.

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