Scope of MBA in Agribusiness Management

MBA in Agribusiness Management study is a dedicated area of business expertise that majorly deals with the processing of agricultural produces, the warehousing of the produces, the distribution of the products, marketing & retailing the end products. The field of agribusiness potentially helps in streamlining the different farming operations. As a result of this streamlining, their prices are retained at the right equilibrium.

MBA in Agri-business Management
MBA in Agri-business Management | CAM Utkal

This encompasses certain things like farm planning, research, weather forecasting, seed production, soil management, plant protection, machinery management, management of crop nutrients, crop harvesting, proper marketing of the produces, storage of the agricultural produces, supply chain-related operations, food processing, financing, retailing and several more activities. All of these activities range from the farm planning that helps in getting the food to our dining tables. 

The agribusiness industry in India makes up fairly 17.5 percent of the entire country’s GDP. This is undoubtedly the backbone of the economy in India. The agriculture sector employs several people in the country that satiates the food as well as the nutritional necessities that the nation requires and also produces several crucial raw materials required in many key industries. Despite the large contribution of the agricultural sector in the economy of India, this sector often faces numerous challenges due to the various reasons: 

  1. The rapidly changing & expanding business scenario of the nation.
  2. The fast-paced changes in the field of technology.
  3. The other side effects that globalization has brought in.
  4. A competitive environment.
  5. The changes in the governmental policies and changing political scenarios.

Presently, the sector of agriculture is of major significance and has primarily evolved from the status of farming at a low level to evolved commercial farming. Of the several food products harvested in India, only 14 percent is being processed & about 35 percent of the harvested food is being expended during the course of packaging & transportation. 

This has considerably led to the massive growth of this new sector that is referred to as Agribusiness. This has optimally generated the requirement for several skilled and trained agribusiness professionals. This has made the field of agribusiness management a very hot and happening career choice for aspiring youths. 

The significance of MBA in Agri-business Management  

In the country of India, around 20-30% of the crops are usually wasted every year because of floods, spoilage, diseases, pests, lack of proper awareness regarding technologies implied post-harvest, and improper handling. In developing countries like India, the field of agri-business has emerged as a major field that is considered to have immense importance. Organizations in every sector i.e., private, public & cooperative are always on the lookout to hire well-trained and competent professionals & agribusiness management experts. 

The field of agribusiness opens up different avenues for the ones who have a professional degree in the field of Agribusiness management studies. A fascinating career in the field of agribusiness can very well open doors and give you access to a wide plethora of dynamic industries like real estate, farming, food processing, retail marketing & food production. 

In the case of livestock, farming, food production and human nutrition, a student of Agribusiness cover several career options across the globe. 

Job roles (Scope) available in MBA Agri-business Management

  1. Agricultural Analyst – This role of a professional Agricultural Analyst is to dedicatedly provide service to the present clients simultaneously to create certain newer opportunities in the sphere of the vast agribusiness market. Liaising with potential clients is also a KRA of this job. This involves facilitating the client, meeting their financial requirements from purchasing a property to purchasing certain necessary equipment. 
  2. Crop Producer – The role of crop producer involves the major operations that are involved in the optimum growth of the crops. 
  3. Market Analyst – Talking about the major responsibilities that a professional marketing analyst in the field of Agribusiness has is not very much different from their other counterparts in several other industries. Their major responsibilities primarily include studying consumer behavior, rightly exploring market opportunities and trends, collecting and analysis of data those are based on competitor and consumers. 
  4. Quality Controller – A Quality Controller’s role includes reading the specifications and blueprints, proper monitoring of the ongoing operations for ensuring the desired production standards being properly met, testing, inspecting, or measuring the materials or/and products that are being produced. 
  5. Agribusiness Marketing Specialist/Coordinator – The job description of an agribusiness marketing specialist involves the specialist marketing of the products by executing and developing marketing campaigns, planning trade shows and meetings, tracking all the sales data, and properly maintaining the several promotional materials and databases for the proper preparation of the reports. 


Several Agro-based organizations frequently hire bright and promising MBA Agri-business graduates specialized in various disciplines of Agribusiness Management and eventually offer long-term and very stable careers. So, MBA in agribusiness management has evolved as one of the lucrative fields of study over the course of time. 

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